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Slimex 15mg Burning Fat Weight Loss Slimming Capsule.The Most Effective Slimming Capsules, Get Rid of Unwanted fat in your body.



Slimex 15mg Capsules could make you lose weight fast and safely. 100% Authentic Slimex 15mg, The Most Effective Slimming Capsules, Get Rid of Unwanted fat in your body. Slimex products in best price from certified fot Weight Reducing.

Content: 3 blisters per packs and of 10 tablets per blister.

Slimex 15mg capsules, guaranteed weight loss as a result of the unique ingredients! Sibutramine, the active ingredient in Slimex 15mg capsules is used as adjunctive therapy with nutritional excess weight. Sibutramine is an appetite-inflammatory agent from the group of anti obesity agents weight-reducing agents / appetite suppressants for the treatment of significant obesity in combination with diet, behavior modification and exercise., which can be used by men and women who will be successful in the quest to lose weight by changing our habits and with the help of our supplements. Responsibility for the use of these products, like any other Food Supplement, is who takes it.

Slimex 15mg capsules helps slimmers to enjoy impressive results when dieting ! It is one of the best-selling products in the weight loss arena, with a reputation for aiding dramatic transformations. A new technology ensures the Slimex 15mg ingredients are absorbed by the body very gradually. This gives the body a chance to absorb all ingredients. All substances are generally absorbed at the same time with most weight loss supplements. This often makes these supplements inefficient and side effects such as headaches or nausea may occur. Slimex 15mg capsules is dissolved in the body in 4 lots. Allowing you to achieve maximum results!

Effects against Slimex 15mg and Slimex 15mg New Formula

Health and Medicines Authority warns against taking the weight-loss products Slimex 15 and Slimex 15 New Formula that are sold on the internet. The weight-loss products contain sibutramine that may cause serious side effects.

If you are taking  Slimex 15 New Formula, we advise you to stop taking the product immediately and to contact your doctor. Please return any unused products to the nearest pharmacy for destruction.

The weight-loss product Slimex 15mg is available in the form of yellow or orange capsules, while Slimex 15 New Formula is available in the form of white tablets:

(yellow capsule): Our analysis shows that the product contains sibutramine, but this does not appear from the package.

Slimex 15 (orange capsule): It appears from the package that the product contains sibutramine (”Sibutramine Hydrochloride Monohydrate”).

Slimex 15 New Formula (white tablet): Our analysis shows that the product contains sibutramine, but this does not appear from the package.

Risk of serious side effects of Slimex 15mg
Sibutramine affects neurotransmitters in the brain, which suppresses appetite. The adverse reactions from sibutramine could turn out to be very serious and may show as a faster heart rate, hypertension, hot flush, constipation, nausea, trouble sleeping, headache, anxiety, perspiration and taste perversion. All medicines containing sibutramine were withdrawn from the market in the autumn of 2010 due to the risk of serious cardiovascular adverse reactions and brain haemorrhages.

We generally urge people to be careful when they buy medicines on the internet. We recommend that you contact your doctor before you buy any medicines on the Internet.


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