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Kumdang-2 is an alleged cure for AIDS, Ebola, MERS and tuberculosis created in North Korea. Kumdang-2 Injection contains saccharides, light rare earth elements, a micro-quantities of gold and platinum.



What is Kumdang-2?
Kumdang-2 Injection is an alleged cure for AIDS, Ebola, MERS and tuberculosis created in North Korea. The name Kumdang-2 means “golden sugar” in Korean. Each pack of Kumdang-2 Injection contents 8 ampules.Kumdang-2 Injection

Unique features of Kumdang-2 Injection
Kumdang-2 Injection is a herbal medicine extracted from Kaesong Koryo insam (ginseng) cultivated in Kaesong DPR Korea by applying rare-earth molecular fertilizer. Kumdang-2 Injection contains saccharides, light rare earth elements, a micro-quantities of gold and platinum.Kumdang-2 causes no pain during and after injection.Unlike chemical medicines, Kumdang-2  has no adverse side effects.Kumdang-2 has no contraindications and can be used together with other medicines.It optimizes the systems of autonomic nerve and self-curing by stimulating hypothalamus, the centre of the autonomic nervous system, functions anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria and anti-virus, restores the diseased parts t revitalizing and proliferating cells, optimizes immunity, maintains the homoeostasis of the body, and functions anti-oxidantIt absorbs or removes all those that have not originally been in human body (e.g. cancer, pathological secretion, etc.) including those of the same cellular tissues as the healthy ones like polyps or some skin diseases.Owing to its healing mechanism, it can cure a large variety of diseases, and its effects instantly emerge vivid and last long.Dosage does not vary according to diseases, but alters a little according to the patient’s body weight and severity of the illness.The main purpose of Kumdang-2 injection is to cure diseases, but it is also good for healthy persons as it invigorates them, optimizes their immunity and makes them more beautiful.It is good for those who have taken chemical medicines like antibiotics and narcotic drugs and those who have drunken much alcohol because Kumdang-2 Injection prevents, neutralizes or removes all side effects and addiction. In particular, when taking such medicines that entail severe side effects like anti-cancer and anti-TB medicines, it is advisable to apply this injection simultaneously with them so as to prevent their side effects and expedite cure of the diseases.Hitherto, in uses of Kumdang-2 , nobody could find any sign of attachment (love), addiction, intoxication or their similarity of any kind.Notes
Kumdang-2 Injection being a herbal medicine, can be administered without punctuality in disregard of the timetable exhibited in the enclosure of its packet. According to the hitherto clinical records, the rate of recovery from Kumdang-2 Injection was higher among its random users than its punctual users.

All the patients with clear knowledge of the principles of the dosage of Kumdang-2  have experienced satisfactory effects and 95.5% of them resulted in complete cure.

The “Basic Administration” of Kumdang-2  is: simply on the first day, apply 1-2 ampoules; and from the second day, depending on the patient’s response, increase every day its each-time dose by one ampoule, getting them 1-2 times daily, with an interval of 1-2 days on every fifth day; after about 10 days (including the days of interval) get 7-8 ampoules each time, 2-3 times daily, for 2-3 days; then suspend the injection; and later depending on the developments of cure, resume the injection. This method is oriented from the mechanism of applying a “heavy strike” upon the disease after the patient’s body is acclimatized to this injection In cases of emergency, by injecting it every 4-6 hours, 5-8 ampoules each time we could save many dying patients. If the patients with no critical severity got from the first day as many as 6-8 ampoules each time, they might experience overburden at the heart, indigestion and other heavy healing responses, while getting little effects on the treatment. On the other hand, Kumdang-2 Injection is only 1-2 ampoules everyday for a very long period would result in waste of the medicine and failure to obtain desired effects. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the above “Basic Administration”.


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