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Botox wrinkles is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and related species. Botox 50iu, 100iu and 150iu available at good prices.



What is Botox wrinkles ?

Botox wrinkles is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and related species. Botox wrinkles prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from axon endings at the neuromuscular junction and thus causes flaccid paralysis. Infection with the bacterium causes the disease botulism.

Formula: C6760H10447N1743O2010S32
CAS Number‎: ‎93384-43-1
Molar mass‎: ‎149 kg/mol (149,321g/mol)

What is Botox  used for?

Botox wrinkles is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the underlying muscles. Botox wrinkles is also use by people to treat excessive sweating, migraines, muscular disorders, and some bladder and bowel disorders. Botulism, an illness caused by botulinum toxin, can cause respiratory failure and prove deadly.

What does Botox wrinkles do to your body?
So even though your brain my fire and signal for your body to move a particular muscle, It effectively blocks that firing and keeps the muscle from moving. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften, and also helps prevent new ones from forming.

How To Know If You Are A Candidate For Botox wrinkles?
It has been approved for people aged 18 to 65. But you shouldn’t use it if you:

Are allergic to any ingredients in  Cosmetic.

Are allergic to another botulinum toxin brand (such as Myobloc, Xeomin or Dysport) or had any side effect from these products in the past.

Have a skin infection or other condition in the injection area.

Have ALS, myasthenia gravis or another disease that affects your muscles or nerves.

Have breathing problems, such as asthma.

Have difficulty swallowing.

Have bleeding issues.

Plan to undergo surgery.

Have had facial surgery.

Have weakness in your forehead muscles.

Have drooping eyelids.

Are taking or have recently taken certain medications, vitamins or supplements.

Botox wrinkles is not expected to travel far enough through the body to affect a fetus or breastfeeding infant. However, for ethical reasons, clinical studies have not been done on expectant or new mothers, so nobody knows for sure.

Therefore, the manufacturer advises that you should not have Botox injections if you are planning or trying to conceive a child, are pregnant, are planning to breastfeed or are currently breastfeeding. It’s better to be safe, and you can always have Botox later on.

How Botox wrinkles Injections Work?
A wrinkle in the skin is typically formed perpendicular to a contracting muscle located directly beneath it. For example, the muscle in the forehead is a vertical muscle, and when it contracts (such as when you raise your eyebrows), the lines that form (wrinkles) will be horizontal.

Botox wrinkles is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions, and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. It is made from a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

Is Botox wrinkles Painful?
Any injection can hurt, but the needles used for  wrinkles injections are very small, so pain is usually minimal. The area can be numbed with a topical anesthetic cream or cold pack 10-20 minutes before the injections are given, so you may not feel much pain, if any. You may feel a little discomfort later, once the anesthetic cream has worn off. Other side effects are listed below.

Disadvantage of Botox wrinkles

The disadvantages of botox wrinkles is pain: Another disadvantage of treatment is that it can be painful in nature. The Botox wrinkles injections are usually administered with fine needles which can be painful to some patients.

Bruising: With almost all BOTOX treatments, there will be bruising around the site of the injections.

Advantages of Botox wrinkles
Cost: One major advantages of Botox wrinkles is that it is more financially viable for patients. Injections can cost anywhere from $170 to $350, making them more easily affordable than other cosmetic or medical procedures

Speed: In many cases, patients may notice the results of BOTOX injections immediately. In other cases, it may take a day or two but for the most part, it will take a maximum of one week for the full effects of BOTOX treatment to register. Also, the procedure itself is speedy and many patients favour this quick approach to receiving treatment as they can work their schedules around this.

Less Invasive: Botox wrinkles injections are less invasive than other cosmetic procedures such as facelifts but still offer the same results. This is a major advantage of BOTOX treatment.

Temporary side effects: Like any medical or cosmetic treatment, there are side effects associated with BOTOX . However, the majority of these side effects are extremely temporary with most not lasting longer than a few days and almost all not lasting beyond the time it takes for the BOTOX to fade.

Multiple uses of Botox wrinkles: One of the most beneficial advantages of BOTOX is that it can be used to treat such a large number of cosmetic and medical conditions, meaning that it is a versatile and invaluable treatment. Please contact us directly for more details.


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