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VETERINARY MEDICATION You’ve landed in the right place to begin and end your search for custom-compounded veterinary medications and pet medications. Use the search box to search our extensive formulary and find the medication, strength, and dosage form you need. Or, browse our entire formulary of more than 20,000 preparations for 250 therapeutic agents, from Acepromazine Maleate to Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate. Just begin to type in the search box and we’ll show you what’s in our formulary matching the letters you type, or use the numbers to scroll through the list of medications available. It’s one more way that we want to demonstrate Great Care, Delivered.

Whether you are a veterinary health professional or a pet or horse owner, you’ll find the largest selection of compounded veterinary-medications available, right here. We care about the things that matter most to you: quality, service, value, selection—and helping to make sure that the animals in your care actually take the medicines that the doctor orders. That’s why Wedgewood Pharmacy continues to pioneer the development of innovative dosage-forms for pet medications that make it easier for the medicine to go down.

Do you need a special formulation? Our team of more than a dozen compounding pharmacists is ready to help. We can ship and bill to a veterinary practice or to an animal owner. Just ask. Is a manufactured medication you need on back order or has it been removed from the market? Check here first. It’s our pleasure to help. Our business is all about meeting the unique needs of veterinary healthcare professionals, their clients and their patients. One prescription at a time.

It’s easy to do business with us! As a veterinary healthcare professional, you can prescribe, order, and manage your relationship with us securely. As an animal owner, online refills are simple. And, when we have your email address, we’ll confirm your order, let you know when it ships, and provide an order tracking number so you can keep track.

Thank you for starting and ending your search for veterinary medications and pet medications with Wedgewood Pharmacy!

This content is intended for patient counseling purposes only. This content is for informational/educational purposes and is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or person. No claims are made as to the safety or efficacy of mentioned preparations. The compounded medications featured in this piece have been prescribed and administered by veterinarians who work with Wedgewood Pharmacy. You are encourage to speak with your veterinarian as to the appropriate use of any medication.